How to word your adult-only wedding invitations

So, you’ve decided to have an adults-only wedding. And, now you need to figure out how to tell your guests that although their children are lovely, you do not want to see their little faces on your wedding day.

There are many ways to communicate your wishes. The key is to be direct. Use the tips below on how to make it clear that children are not on the guest list.

How to word your adult-only wedding invitations

address your envelopes correctly

Etiquette states that the best way to communicate an adult-only wedding is by properly addressing the inner envelopes of your wedding invitation.

If you’re thinking “what’s an inner envelope?” let us explain. An inner envelope holds the invitation ensemble and is tucked inside the outer mailing envelope. The sole purpose of the inner envelope is to address, by name, each person invited to the wedding.

With the exception of Seal and Send Invitations, all of our invite sets come with both inner and outer envelopes.

For example:

Addressing your inner envelopes to include children:
John and Frida
Max, Henry and Romy

Addressing your inner envelopes to exclude children:
John and Frida

spell it out, right on the invitation

This isn’t our favorite way to communicate your wishes to your guests, but it does do the trick! If you want to add a note about your wedding being for adults-only right on your invitation, add it at the very bottom, separate from the rest of your wording. And, be concise!

For example:

No Children, Please


Adult-Only Ceremony & Reception

word your rsvp cards just right

This is our favorite place to make it clear that you’re having a kid-free celebration. The nice thing about this is that the message won’t get lost in the invitation’s wording and you’re able to create wording that fits your personalities and wedding style.

What do we mean by that? Here are a few examples of how you might word your response cards:

The favor of a reply is requested
by March 12, 2023
Name ____________________
Accepts _____ Regrets _____
Adults-Only Reception

We’ve reserved ___ seats for you! (hand-write in the number of guests here)
Please reply on or before
March 12, 2023
Name ____________________
Accepts _____ Regrets _____

add an extra information card

If you’d like to get a little more creative or detailed with your wording, we suggest adding a separate information card dedicated especially to your wishes.

Although we love to watch the children
run and play, this is going to be
an adults only kind of day!

Although we love your children,
we regretfully cannot accommodate
them due to limited space at our venue. Thank you for understanding!

We love you, but our wedding
is for adults-only. Tell your
parents to call the sitter!

We hope you found this helpful! If you have any extra questions while you’re wording your wedding invitation, give our team a shout.  xoxo

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