How to Cut Wedding Invitation Costs

Wedding invitations provide the first glimpse of your wedding style, which means you want to find something extra special. Just remember, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to find a beautiful invitation. Ann’s Bridal Bargains offers quality invites at discounted prices but we don’t stop there. Here are 5 tips for cutting the cost of your wedding invitations whether you buy from us or not.

How to Cut Wedding Invitation Costs

1. Choose the Right Invitation Style
Choosing an affordable style of wedding invitation is most important when trying to keep costs down. Did you know wedding invitations come in different styles? They certainly do, and Ann’s Bridal Bargains specializes in designing cost-effective styles made with quality materials.

Here’s a quick rundown of our best-selling budget collections:

Seal and Send Wedding Invitations
Seal and send wedding invitations feature your invitation, reception wording and response card all for one low price. No envelopes are needed for these self-mailing invitations. Just fold them up and secure them closed with the clear seals included in your order. Plus, the response card is cleverly designed as a detachable postcard.

All in One Wedding Invitations
All in One Invitations are designed to use space more efficiently. The invitation wording is printed on the front of the invitation. Your reception wording or other wording (like accommodations info) is printed on the back. You get a matching response postcard with the invitation, which saves you money in postage!

Sep and Send Wedding Invitations
Separate and send wedding invitations, much like seal and sends, come with everything you need. You get the invitation, reception card, response card and the necessary envelopes all for one low price. However, the sep and send features three separate pieces like a traditional invitation ensemble. Lightly perforated edges allow us to print all three pieces at one time for less cost, not to mention all three pieces are beautifully coordinated!

Petite Wedding Invitations
Petite wedding invitations pack a lot of style into a little invitation, and the smaller size means bigger savings for you! Petite wedding invitations are 4 5/8” x 6 1/4” compared to our more standard invitation size, which is 5 1/8” x 7 1/4”. That’s the difference of an inch in length and just under an inch in width. Petites are mailed in a standard mailing envelope just like most of our invitations.

2. Eliminate an Enclosure (or two)
Enclosure cards are additional pieces of stationery you send with the invitation to provide more information for your wedding guests. These include response cards, reception cards, direction cards, accommodations cards and more. Enclosure cards are very helpful but they are usually an additional cost. However, you can find wedding invitations that include space for this information (see the above styles) or come with free enclosures. We offer a line of Wedding Invitations with Free Response Postcards you should check out.

3. Online Replies
More and more couples are choosing to go digital with their wedding responses. Online response services are offered with many of today’s most popular wedding websites. Eliminating the need for response cards is a great way to lower your wedding invitation cost plus it makes tracking responses extra convenient since online tools are fast, easy to use and often free. Check out our collection of Wedding Invitations with Online Reply to see some great examples of what this looks like.

4. Consider Postcards
As you shop wedding stationery here at Ann’s Bridal Bargains, you’ll notice we offer a variety of save the date postcards, response postcards and thank you postcards. Postcards are simple, stylish and cheaper than traditional cards plus you’ll spend less money on postage, which is always a welcome break for the budget.

5. Shop the Sales!
Of course, you know the awesome savings you can score by shopping sales. Ann’s Bridal Bargains offers discounts 24/7. Take a look at Today’s Deals before you make your purchase and see what kind of savings you can grab.

Discounts on already affordable wedding invitations? Yes, please! We want to make sure your wedding invitations are as inexpensive as possible. That's why Ann's Bridal Bargains coupons and promo codes are available every day. Use these everyday discounts to save on your wedding invitations, save the dates, wedding programs, wedding napkins, thank you cards and so much more. Congrats on your Engagement! Happy Wedding Planning!