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How Much to Budget for Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitation wording requires four key pieces of information: who’s getting married, who’s hosting, the time and date, and location(s). How elaborate your wording gets is up to you but there are 5 things you should never say on your wedding invitations.

What NOT to Say on Your Wedding Invitation

In your search to figure out how much wedding invitations cost, you have probably run across a lot of articles giving you average dollar amounts. When doing my own research, those dollar amounts seemed pretty high but if you think about the cost of an average wedding these days, $44,000 in 2018 according to, it’s easy to understand why the numbers seem higher than us budget-minded people would hope for.

Instead of giving arbitrary dollar amounts, we like to answer this question with a percentage: 2% to be exact. That way, you have space to determine the wedding budget that works for you, whether it’s $5,000 or $30,000. Then set aside 2% of that budget for wedding invitations and other wedding stationery needs.

The beauty of Ann’s is that we make pricing simple. So figuring out how much wedding invitations cost is easy! We find that a typical wedding invitation suite for couples on a budget includes the wedding invitation, response card and a reception card. Here’s a pricing breakdown for those three pieces:

Wedding Invitations = 99¢ each RSVP Cards = FREE (included in the price of invitations) Information Cards = 49¢ each

Add 99¢ + 49¢ for a very low $1.48 per suite…sweet! Now you might be tempted to multiply that number by your number of guests but remember, you’re only sending one wedding invitation suite per household, not guest. So if you’re inviting 50 people and they all happen to be couples, you’re only sending 25 wedding invitations. Nice!

Remember to factor in additional wedding stationery you may need because that also counts toward your 2%. Other wedding stationery needs might include: Save the Dates Direction/Map Cards – to be sent with the invitations Accommodation Cards – to be sent with the invitations Wedding Programs – for the ceremony Menu Cards – for the reception Thank You Cards

If you find the cost of what you need/want for your wedding stationery is getting too high, Ann’s offers lots of options that allow a couple to re-evaluate their needs and bring the cost down. Read 5 Secrets to Cheaper Wedding Invitations for some great tips! And just remember, we offer the same great trends, styles, colors and generally beautiful stationery as our competitors but we do it for a fraction of the cost, which means you can actually enjoy shopping!