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20% OFF $69 | Code: TWENTY69

20% off $69 or More | Code: TWENTY69 | Ends Thursday, 4/25

Promo Applied: TWENTY69

20% OFF $69 | Code: TWENTY69

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How To Write Your Wedding Program in 4 Easy Steps

If there's one wedding ceremony detail you don't want to skip, it's the program. Your guests will pour over this simple piece of stationery and appreciate knowing what to expect.

Programs are also a simple and inexpensive way to add custom personalization to your ceremony. At just 99¢ each, our wedding programs at Ann's are cheaper than DIY and look like a million bucks!

Let's talk about ceremony program wording. If you're struggling to word your programs, we don't blame you. It can be difficult to include all the information you want to share with your guests in a concise and organized manner. We promise it can be easy though, and we can help by breaking it down into 4 simple steps.


Adding your names, date and ceremony location not only looks pretty, but also serves a purpose. Consider that one day, your wedding program will be a treasured keepsake for generations to come. They'll love seeing your names in print!

Pro tip: Don't forget to keep a couple programs and keep them in a memory box.


Take a deep breath. We're going to make this easy!

Your ceremony begins when important members of you family or bridal party make their way down the aisle and ends when the married couple walks up the aisle.

Of course, your ceremony is your own to create and your program should reflect the key moments that will take place during it. Those moments may include:

Prelude and Processional

During the "Prelude", special family members, such as mothers and grandparents, are escorted and seated. You can note this on your program if you'd like to, but it's not necessary.

Traditionally, the "Processional" begins when the bride is escorted down the aisle. In same-sex weddings, one or both partners may walk or be escorted down the aisle.

Talk to your officiant about what comes next, and decide for yourself what you'd like to include. The beginning of your ceremony might include:

Greeting or Welcome

This will give your officiant a moment to welcome and thank guests for attending.

Opening Prayer or Blessing

In a faith-based ceremony, a wedding ceremony begins with a prayer or a blessing of the couple.

Wedding Message or Wedding Sermon

Given by either your wedding officiant or a chosen loved-one, this may include a sermon about marriage or be a personal reflection on the couple.

Readings and Special Music

If you choose to have a loved one recite a reading, or are having a musical performance, note this on your program.

Vows and Ring Exchange

Cue the tears! Our favorite part of any ceremony!

Unity or other ceremony

Couples are getting so creative with unity ceremonies! If you're having one, you can list the specific type of ceremony, such as sand pouring ceremony, hand-tying ceremony or ring warming.

Pronouncement or Introduction of the Married Couple

This is the announcement your officiant will make to declare you officially married! Including it on the program is a must!


Just like the processional began your ceremony, the recessional signals the end. This is when the just-married couple joyfully walks up the aisle.


If you have a wedding party, be sure to recognize them on your program. Our 99¢ wedding programs include space on the back just for this purpose. Simply add their name and role. For instance:
Janelle Andersen – Maid of Honor

Be sure to list everyone in your wedding party, including your officiant and ushers.


If you have room, it's a lovely gesture to include two more things:

1. Thank your guests for coming. This can be short and sweet!

2. Honor Loved Ones. If you've lost a loved one and are recognizing them in your ceremony with candles or flowers, your wedding program is a wonderful place to note this.


Now, let's bring it all together! Here are two examples, one modern and one traditional:

Modern Wedding Ceremony Program Wording

the wedding ceremony of
Amelia and Grayson
09 | 12 | 25

Prelude & Processional

Reflection on Marriage: Mark Harrison

Ring Warming Ceremony


"Then There Was You", read by Hannah Faust
"Our Souls Are Mirrors" read by Henry Garzon

Vows and Ring Exchange

Pronouncement & Introduction of the Married Couple


Thank you for your love and support. Today, and always.
with love, Amelia and Grayson

Traditional Wedding Ceremony Program Wording

Amelia Anne and Grayson Michael
September 12, 2025

"Moonlight Sonata"

"Canon in D"

Welcome and Opening Prayer: Pastor Louisa Petersen

Wedding Message: Sandra O'Connor

"Bless The Broken Road", performed by Matthew Faust

Hand-Tying Ceremony

Vows and Ring Exchange


Introduction of the Married Couple


Thank you for your love and support. Today, and always.
with love, Amelia and Grayson

The candle on the alter is memory of our forever friend, Thomas J. Henry

Bonus Tip: Proofread

Your wedding program is full of information and names. Our advice is to have a few close friends proof-read prior to placing your order. Luckily, our programs are shipped to you lightening fast so even if you're in crunch time, there's time to get your custom program in time!

We hope you found this wording advice helpful! Give us a shout if you need any help as you customize your wedding stationery! xoxo


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