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Semi-Annual Sale! 25% off Everything | Code: SEMISALE | Ends Monday, 3/4

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How to Create Inexpensive Wedding Invitations That Don't Look Cheap

If you’re in the market for wedding invitations, you’ve probably experienced some major sticker shock. Some wedding invitations can cost more than $10…each!

There’s lots of reasons why wedding invitations are so expensive. Sometimes, the paper and printing processes are extra fancy, making your invitations extra expensive. And if you’ve hired someone to design and print your wedding invites, they’ll cost you a pretty penny too.

But we’re going to let you in on a little secret here – often, the wedding invitations you see online are so expensive because it costs a whole lot of money to make you want those invitations. Free samples, paid sponsorships with influencers, magazine ads…we could go on and on. And yes, it’s all baked into the price of your wedding invitations, and the reason why they’re so expensive. 

Good news though – you can get wedding invitations you love for a price that comes in under you budget. The key is to shop smart.

Inexpensive Wedding Invitations That Don't Look Cheap

Featured wedding invitation set: Fresh Botanical

Tip #1: Keep Perspective

It might be an unpopular opinion (especially amongst wedding invitation brands!) but your wedding invitations will eventually end up in the garbage. We know, we know…that hurts to hear!

But….we’re also firm believers that first impressions matter, and that’s exactly what your wedding invitation is! No worries though, you can make your guest’s first glimpse of your wedding beautiful AND inexpensive with a cheap invitation that’ll cost you less than a dollar each.

Tip #2: Buy a Wedding Invitation Set

The worst part about shopping for wedding invitation is that by the time you get to your cart, the price you started with is not the price you’ve ended with.

Instead of getting frustrated, buy a wedding invitation set(one that includes free RSVP cards) that stays same price per set, no matter how many you order. This cheaper option takes the headache out of creating personalized wedding invitations online.

Inexpensive Wedding Invitations That Don't Look Cheap

Featured wedding invitation: Clearly Love

Tip #3: Choose Inexpensive Upgrades

One way to make cheap wedding invitations feel more high-end is to choose upgrades that give you a real bang for your buck.

The best advice we have is to upgrade from standard paper stock to a shimmer or textured paper. Choose shimmer paper if your wedding style leans elegant or textured for a rustic theme. Shimmer paper is especially gorgeous if you’re creating a photo wedding invitation. The hint of sparkle will make the two of you glow!

Tip #4: Include Extra Cards

Creating a full wedding invitation suite is the best way to take your wedding invitation from “just another invitation” to “wow, look at this invitation!”

While adding extra enclosure cards – like RSVP cards, information cards and reception cards – usually mean the cost of your invitation suite will skyrocket, it doesn’t have to. Choose affordable ensemble pieces that elevate your look and give you a complete invitation suite for a cheap!

Tip #5: Mix and Match Designs

This might feel counterintuitive, but instead of picking out pieces that perfectly match, put together a mix-and-match style for your invitation suite. Choose a cohesive color palette, then select pieces that coordinate.

The result will be unique and look like you paid a designer to create a custom suite just for you!

Inexpensive Wedding Invitations That Don't Look Cheap

Featured stationary: Signature Look Invitation Budding Beauty Information Card Forever Yours Thank You Card

Tip #6: Splurge on Printed Envelopes

One way to make your cheap wedding invites look more expensive is to pay to have the envelopes printed. You can choose elegant fonts that’ll make it look like calligraphy, and can choose colors that match your invitation.

Getting printed envelopes will also save you tons of time, something that’s always a welcome bonus when you’re in the midst of wedding planning.


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