What NOT to Say on Your Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitation wording requires four key pieces of information: who’s getting married, who’s hosting, the time and date, and location(s). How elaborate your wording gets is up to you but there are 5 things you should never say on your wedding invitations.

What NOT to Say on Your Wedding Invitation

1. Gifts
There should not be any mention of gifts on your wedding invitation. However, you can mention “no gifts, please” on the response card or reception card. Under no circumstances should gift requests be mentioned anywhere in the wedding invitation ensemble.

2. Registries
Gift registries should never be mentioned on the wedding invitation itself. Traditionally, registry information has been shared by word of mouth but you can also add your registry information to your wedding website and then list your website on the wedding invitation or reception card. If you really feel it’s important to include in your invitation, we recommend listing it on the reception cards or a separate information card.

3. No Children
Couples who are choosing to exclude children from the wedding should not say so on the wedding invitation itself. Notes like “No Children, Please” or an “Adults Only Reception” should be shared on the response card or reception card. Read How to Word Your Adult Only Wedding Invitations for more information on communicating this news with your guests.

4. Pre- or Post-Wedding Events
Mentioning the reception is okay. Some wedding invitations may have enough room and some are even designed to include the reception information, like Seal and Send Invitations. However, other pre- and post-wedding celebrations should not be mentioned anywhere on the invitation. Order rehearsal dinner invitations separately. Brunches should be shared by word of mouth or mentioned on a separate information card included with your wedding invitations.

5. Alcohol
Don’t worry about mentioning whether alcohol will or will not be available at your wedding. The same goes for what type of alcohol will be at the wedding. This information is not pertinent to someone deciding to attend your wedding, so don’t waste space mentioning it.

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