Mailing Your Wedding Invitations: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Mailing Your Wedding Invitations: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid

1. Ordering Too Late
Wedding invitations should be ordered around four months before the wedding and sent 2-3 months before the wedding. (Check out this helpful stationery timeline for more information on what to send and when.) Many couples wait until the last minute to order their invites, which can cause some serious stress when waiting for the invitations to arrive in the mail and assembling them in time.

2. Skipping Extra Envelopes
Addressing 100s of wedding invitations means you’re bound to make a few mistakes. Order extra envelopes when you order your wedding invitations and you won’t have to worry about finding envelopes in the right size and color last minute.

3. Wrong Address on Response Cards
Many couples forget to decide who will be keeping track of the response cards as they come back in the mail. The bride-to-be will often take on this task but the mother of the bride, a sister or a friend can also assume this task. The response card should have the address of whoever is tracking the responses.

4. Missing Stamps on Response Cards
Wedding etiquette states that all response cards should be pre-stamped for your wedding guests. This is a thoughtful courtesy that makes replying even easier, which is helpful when looking for timely and accurate responses.

5. Not Enough Postage
Weigh one complete wedding invitation ensemble before applying postage to all. Assuming your invitations will or won’t need extra postage may cost you in the end. Having an ensemble weighed is a simple way to avoid this unnecessary hassle.

6. Licking Every Envelope
We highly recommend picking up an envelope moistener rather than licking 100s of envelopes. You’ll be happy you did!

7. Not Sending Invites to Young Adults
You may want to save money by ordering a few less invitations but we don’t recommend skipping the young adults on your guest list even if they live at home. Anyone 18 years and older should receive his/her own wedding invitation.

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