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20% off $99+ or 15% off $49+ | Code: UPTOTWENTY | Ends Sunday, 4/21

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How to Assemble Wedding Invitations

We've put together these five easy steps and diagram to help you properly assemble your wedding invitations. Be sure to check out the tips below so the process goes as smoothly as possible.

How to Assemble Wedding Invitations

Featured invitation: Posh Petals - Mulberry

How to Assemble in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Insert the wedding invitation into the envelope with the printed side facing you.
  2. Place the reception card in front of the invitation with printed side up.
  3. If you're including other enclosures, like map cards or accommodation cards, place them in front of the reception card printed side up.
  4. Now tuck the response card under the flap of its envelope, printed side up. Be sure to place a stamp on the envelope. Then place the card and envelope in front of the enclosures mentioned in step 3. (Note: response postcards are positioned in the same way but with the stamp side down.)
  5. Once you have all the pieces assembled in the correct order, tuck the stacked invitation pieces into the envelope with the printed sides facing you.

If you ordered from the Seal and Send™ collection, you'll want to read How to Assemble Seal and Send Invitations

More Helpful Assembly Tips

• Have an assembly party.
A wedding invitation assembly party can include however many friends and family members you want to invite. Get a few bottles of wine, some snacks and give everyone a job they'll do well. Your invites will be assembled in no time, and you'll enjoy the process a whole lot more than being at home by yourself.

• Stamp the response cards.
Stamping the response cards is always proper etiquette when assembling your wedding invitations. It's a simple courtesy your guests will appreciate.

• Have an ensemble weighed.
Once you've assembled one wedding invitation ensemble, take it to your post office to have it weighed. Then you'll know exactly how much postage you'll need (not to mention you can get some pretty stamps while you're there!).

• Use envelope moisteners.
Save yourself the hassle (and taste) of licking 100s of envelopes. Envelope moisteners are easy to use and you'll be happy you did.

• Consider address labels or stamps.
Some etiquette experts say wedding invitation envelopes should be hand addressed only. We disagree. A beautifully printed label or charming address stamp will complement your invitation nicely and you'll save lots of time.

As you learn how to assemble your invitations, you may start to have questions about addressing them. Read our helpful article, How to Address Wedding Invitations, for helpful tips and advice.


20% Off $99+ | 15% off $49+
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