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20% OFF $69 | Code: TWENTY69

20% off $69 or More | Code: TWENTY69 | Ends Thursday, 4/25

Promo Applied: TWENTY69

20% OFF $69 | Code: TWENTY69

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Wedding Invitations

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Blue Hydrangea - Reception Invitation

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If you’re shopping for wedding invitations and feel like you’ve been hit with sticker shock, you’ve come to the right place. We firmly believe you do not have you spend hundreds of dollars on wedding invitations to get a beautiful look you absolutely love. Our affordable wedding invitations have the same look as those higher-priced brands, but cost a fraction of their extra-high price tags.

The most popular inexpensive wedding invitations we sell are our sets – they come with free RSVP cards and are available in tons of themes and styles. They might be cheap, but they sure don’t look cheap. Our elegant invites include designs adorned with watercolor flowers or romantic sayings and quotes. One of our most popular styles is rustic – if you’re searching for rustic wedding invitations with a country theme, we’re positive you’ll discover a look that you totally love!

We know that ordering your wedding invites feels like a huge (and exciting!) step in your wedding planning process. If you have questions, our team of experts is here to help answer any questions you have.

These are a few of the most popular questions couples have while shopping for the right wedding invitation:

Wedding Invitation Budget Tips and Questions

Why Do Wedding Invitations Cost So Much?

Trust us, we hear you! If you’ve looked through the pages of wedding magazines, you’ve probably seen some couples spending thousands of dollars on their invitations. Isn’t that crazy? Often, these invitations feature extra-fancy paper stocks or even hand-calligraphy.

While those invitations are gorgeous, we all know where your invitation will eventually end up. So why spend so much?

How Can I Save Money on Wedding Invitations?

First, you’ve come the right place! All of our wedding invites are just 99¢ and most include free response cards. We promise that you won’t find a better deal on wedding stationery.

Other ways to save on your invites is to use the standard paper stock, which comes included for the price. Don’t worry about it being too thin; the quality is excellent! If you’d like to upgrade your paper, we have a heavier weight option as well as beautiful shimmer paper and unique textured paper.

If you’ve priced out wedding invitations, you’ve probably been shocked to see that the cost of wedding enclosure cards, like RSVP cards, can nearly double the cost of your invitation suite. While it’s customary to send wedding RSVP cards with your wedding invitation, so that your guests can accept or decline your invitation, there are ways to save money on RSVP cards. First, you can opt for an online RSVP. Simply include your wedding website on the back of your invitations and ask guests to respond there. Or, order an Invitation with a Free RSVP card to stick with tradition, but spend less.

Another way to save money on your invitations is to make sure your invitation set can be mailed with a standard stamp. All of our sets can be! Of course, it’s always a good idea to take a full invite suite to the post office and have it weighed before sending.

How Much Does the Average Couple Spend on Wedding Invitations?

On average, couples spend close to $600 on their wedding stationery. If that number has you feeling light-headed, not to worry. Here, you’ll spend around a dollar per invitation suite, and remember, that can include your RSVP cards. And, our pricing doesn’t change depending on your quantity. Whether you need 25 or 250 invitations, the price per invite doesn’t fluctuate.

Wedding Invitation Ideas and Etiquette

    • What are the Most Popular Wedding Invitation Styles and Themes?

      Your wedding invitation is the first glimpse your guests will have of your day. Set the tone by making sure your invite matches the overall style, colors and general theme of your wedding.

      The most popular invitation styles are classic, elegant looks with traditional fonts and colors. But, rustic themed invitations are a close second. Affordable floral wedding invitations splashed with sunflowers are a forever favorite and other watercolor floral and boho styles have been hugely popular in recent years.

      Simple wedding invitations that feature formal-looking font layouts are popular with couples who want a modern styled invitation that looks custom, but is still affordable. These unique looks can be enhanced with a photo to create an absolutely one-of-a-kind invite.

      And of course, themed invitations based on seasons and locations are always popular as well. From fall wedding invitations featuring autumn leaves to snowflake themed invitations that are perfect for a winter or Christmas wedding, these seasonal invites are really fun. And if you’re getting married on a beach, a destination wedding invitation is a must!

      When Should We Send our Wedding Invitations?

      The sweet spot for sending your invites is right between 4-8 weeks before your wedding. But, if you’re having a destination wedding, or holding your wedding on a holiday weekend, you can mail them up to 3 months in advance.

      If you’re worried about your guests holding the date, make sure to send a Save the Date card 6-9 months before your wedding.

      What Wedding Invitation Etiquette Should We Pay Attention to or Follow?

      While Emily Post will tell you that when it comes to wedding invitations, things like grammar, addressing and formality are all very important. But, these days, you can throw some wedding invitation etiquette out the window.

      If you’re hosting a traditional wedding, the wording on your wedding invitations should be formal. The names of the bride(s) and/or groom(s) should be written in full. The details like date, time, and location of the wedding, should also be spelled out, without any abbreviations used. On your envelopes, make sure to use the correct titles (such as Mr., Mrs., or Dr.) and addresses for your guests.

      If you’re not hosting a traditional wedding, you can bend the etiquette rules. Be creative with your wedding invitation wording! The only etiquette rule you really should follow, is to include your parent(s) on the invitation if they are contributing financially to your wedding.

      And finally, the formality of your wedding should be reflected in the design and wording of your invitations. A formal wedding will require more traditional, formal invitations, while a casual wedding can have more relaxed and informal invitations.

      What are Popular Wedding Invitation Styles for 2024?

      2024 wedding season is here, and if you’re getting married this year, there are lots of great trends to fall in love with.

      Popular wedding invitations for 2024 include classic styles with a modern twist. Think pretty text-only layouts with sweeping fonts and traditional colors. Invitations with gold accents are really popular styles for 2024 too. And our gold wedding designs are more affordable than any others! 

      Wedding invitations with flowers are forever popular and in 2024, you’ll see lots of ethereal designs in monochromatic color palettes. Flowers in shades of blue, purple and mauve are trending and you may also be drawn to white and cream combinations. Greenery continues to be a strong trend as well and shades of hunter to sage will be popular throughout the year.

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