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Separate and Send Wedding Invitations
Separate and Send wedding invitations are an excellent option if you're searching for affordable wedding invites that are easy to order and assemble. You're going to love all the styles available and the high-quality paper they're printed on.

Why are they cheaper?
A clever, perforated design allows us to print all three pieces of your wedding invitation ensemble at once, which means incredible savings for you.

Is it really a complete set?
Yes! Sep and send wedding invitations include the invitation, response card and reception card as well as all the necessary envelopes.

How do they work?
The same as a standard wedding invitation ensemble but you're getting all the pieces for one low price. Just separate each piece along the perforated edges and tuck them in the included envelopes. You will also receive response card envelopes.

Did you know?
Separate and send wedding invitations aren't the only invitation bundles we offer. Check out our collection of Seal and Send wedding invitations for another all-in-one option.